All new parts, particularly xenon ballasts, igniters and bulbs have 12 months manufacturer warranty. Used xenon parts comes with 30 days warranty since xenon products are by definition with limited working hours. Working hours of a given used ballast or igniter can not be known.

Warranty period begins from the date of delivery of the purchased good to the customer.  Warranty covers any defects that might occur during initial production, assembly or/and if containing defective parts or stop functioning before given warranty period ends.


In case of product failure within the given warranty period, customer has a right to return it for free repair. According to Bulgarian consumer law maximum repair period is 30 days and is added to the remaining warranty period. If repair found to be impossible by the part manufacturer within 30 days, a replacement unit will be sent to the customer free of charge. Customer is liable for both way delivery charges. HNGlobalTrade LTD has by no means any liability/responsibility for part replacement costs or/and opportunity costs that the product failure might cause.


As all electronic goods, new xenon products (particularly xenon HID ballasts, igniters and bulbs) also carry limited warranty terms. Warranty claims are not accepted in the following cases:


  1. Water-damaged parts. Xenon HID ballasts, igniters and bulbs require and are intended to be used strictly in a water/moisture free environment to operate properly. Even a drop of water is enough to burn out a brand new ballast or igniter since operating voltage of these parts is very high, endangering even human live. Hence warranty claims are not accepted if the part is water-damaged due to leaking issue, moisture or condensation. It is equivalent to pour a glass of water on a working laptop.

Before fitting the new xenon ballast and/or igniter, always make sure that your headlight assembly is sealed properly, all dust/bulb covers are closed firmly, and it does not have any damage/crack on the lens or at the headlight housing.  Remember also to clean and dry your headlight assembly within if you have a water damaged headlight. Some water might remain in the body housing and can cause the ballast/igniter to burn out almost right after the fitment.


  1. If parts are physically damaged or deformed in such a way to prevent normal operation of the parts; broken bulbs, ballasts, igniters.  Typically occurs after frontal crash/accidents. 


  1. If the failure is caused by using non-genuine, unauthorized, fake or so-called aftermarket or replica parts. Do not use especially cheap fake/replica xenon bulbs as they might burn out/melt your igniter or ballast easily. 


  1. If part is opened, repaired/tried to be repaired by unauthorized third persons.


  1. If parts are damaged during transportation. Always check if parts are intact before signing the parcel deliveries. If anything broken/damaged please reject the parcel and ask for Damage Report to forward it to us. All parcels are fully insured.


  1. If the customer fails to present Invoice as a proof of purchase and Certificate of Warranty for a given product. Always keep both of them until warranty period ends. No need to keep initial packing.


  1. If warranty seals are missing or product serial numbers on the parts are altered or removed. Mismatch between the serial numbers recorded on the Certificate of Warranty and actual part delivered also nullifies any warranty claim. Such fraud attempts will not be tolerated and will be reported to related authorities.
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