Genuine 5DV 008 290-00 ballast vs. FAKE

Date: 30 Nov 2015

One of the most common replicas available at the global market these days is 5DV008290-00 of Hella. Although few genuine sellers clearly sells these replicas as REPLICA, most sellers sells them as "genuine Hella" products with HELLA LABELS! on them.


How to spot the REPLICA 5DV 008 290-00?


1. Genuine Hella 5DV008290-00 is produced either in Germany or in Romaia. Hella has an electronics factory in Romania (Hella Electronics Romania S.R.L.). Hence, "Made in Romania" label is still a genuine product.


2. Product label on Hella 5DV008290-00 ballasts is very helpful to spot a replica. Some replicas does not have origin data at all (no "Made in Germany/Romania" info). Some of them have product label but with different shrift/font and darker yellow colour. Also the "danger" and "warning" signs are clearly different.


3. Genuine Hella 5DV008290-00 ballasts have a product barcode engraved on the lower right corner. Most of the replicas do not have it at all or have a deformed "barcode like shape".



4. If you turn back the replica ballast you will also notice a couple of differences. Again the engraved shrift/font is completely different from the one used at genuine Hella 5DV008290-00 ballasts. The shrift/font on the replicas is wider then the original fonts. This difference is most clear at zero (0) numbers at 2000h. 



5. The quality difference between the genuine Hella 5DV008290-00 and its replicas is very clear at the power plug. The genuine ballast have a clear cut, sword-like pins and smooth surface, whereas the replica has thin streight pins, rough inner surface. Please note the bottom shape difference of the single round pin in both plugs.

You can also note the overall quality difference between the genuine Hella 5DV008290-00 and its replicas is the metal used in both versions. The replicas are build from very "soft"metal, if you drop one of them you will see that there will me a lot of dents on it, not scratches but dents!



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