Genuine BMW/Volvo ballast vs. FAKE

Date: 29 Nov 2015

Mitsubishi Electric W3T13271 has absolutely same shape "replica" or as some sellers name it "aftermarket" product. We prefer to call it replica as the so-called aftermarket part has absolutely same design/look at both front and back sides. When selling these replicas some genuine sellers clearly state that these are "aftermarket" products and uses neutral labels without Mitsubishi Electric name, but there are also some sellers that sell them as OEM products with Mitsubishi labels on them.


How to spot the replicas?


1. First look at the label on front, if Mitsubishi Electric does not appear it is replica for sure.


If the label states Mitsubishi Electric then here are some easy ways to distinguish the ORIGINAL W3T13271 from the replicas:


2. If you look to the front side of the ballast you will see that the Genuine W3T13271 has a straight line engraved. The replica does not have it.


3. If you look at the back side you will notice couple of differences. First, the upper and lower closing clips of the front metal cover have two chips each. The replica does not have these. See below for details.



4. If you look at the plugs you will easily see the quality difference. Genuine W3T13271 has square pins inside the bulb cable plug and more sword-like thick pins inside the power plug. The replica has more round pins in bulb cable plug and thinner pins in the main power plug. Moreover Genuine W3T13271 has a distinctive wording inside the bulb cable plug which says CN2, whereas the replica ballast does not have it at all.




5. Finally you can also see the overall quality difference/appearance between Genuine W3T13271 and replica one. Genuine ballast is made from heavy metal and smooth surface, whereas the replica is made resin-like metal and glossy surface. The most simple way to understand if a given ballast W3T13271 is replica or not is to weight it: genuine W3T13271 ballast weights approximately 252 gr, whereas replica 10% less around 218 gr.


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